Wayne Leighton - Participant

Wayne A. Leighton is Chief of the Office of Strategic Planning & Policy Analysis at the Federal Communications Commission. He also has been the head of a working group advising Chairman Ajit Pai on creation of the FCC’s Office of Economics and Analytics, which will be tasked with ensuring a consistent application of sound economic analysis in rulemakings, auction design, merger review and adjudications, as well as production of white papers that analyze market realities and that can inform FCC policymaking. Earlier in his FCC career, he served as wireless advisor to then-FCC Commissioner Deborah Taylor Tate, and as a senior economist with the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau.

Previously, Wayne was a partner at Empiris LLC, an economic consulting firm; senior economist with the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs; and executive vice president with the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation. He also has been a professor of economics at Universidad Francisco Marroquín in Guatemala, where he played a leadership role in establishing the Antigua Forum, an annual gathering of entrepreneurs and reformers from around the world. He earned undergraduate degrees in business and economics from Texas A&M University and a doctorate in economics from George Mason University.



Federal Communications Commission


Chief, Office of Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis