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Preston Marshall - Participant

Dr. Preston F. Marshall is responsible for spectrum access technology for Google Access. He is active in research and development of evolving networking concepts, wireless, cognitive radio and networking technologies, and supporting spectrum policy and technology. At Google, he is Technical Program Manager for the support multiple spectrum sharing initiatives, including the 3.5 GHz band, an is co-chair of the Wireless innovation Forum Spectrum Sharing Subcommittee, developing the standards base for 3.5 GHz spectrum sharing.

Before joining Google, he was Deputy Director of the Information Sciences Institute (ISI) of University of Southern California, and a Research Professor at USC’s in Electrical Engineering. For seven years, he was Program Manager with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for many of the DARPA Wireless, Cognitive Radio, and networking programs.

He has been heavily involved in wireless technology and policy, including participation in the 2012 PCAST Spectrum Study, serving as the technical witness during the U.S. House hearings on the PCAST recommendations.. Dr. Marshall has written numerous articles, books and chapters on the subject of cognitive radio and spectrum issues.  He is author of “Quantitative Analysis of Cognitive Radio and Network Performance” (2010) by ARTECH House and the recently released “Scalability, Density, Decision-Making in Cognitive Wireless Networks” (2013) by Cambridge University Press.



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