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Comm Policy 2018 - Background Readings

This collection of reading materials was created to prepare participants for the 2018 Aspen Institute Conference on Communications Policy. The readings articulate how communities are facilitating the deployment and investment of broadband infrastructures and 5G networks, the challenges, opportunities and risks associated with these technologies, and the ways in which governments can facilitate deployment, access and consumer protections both on and offline.

Templates for Successful Government Initiatives

Patrick Lucey and Christopher Mitchell, “Successful Strategies for Broadband Public-Private Partnerships,” Institute for Local Self-Reliance, July 2016, pp. 19-25, 29-32. Available online:

Doug Brake, “A Policymaker’s Guide to Rural Broadband Infrastructure,” Information Technology & Innovation Foundation, April 2017, pp. 2, 17-19. Available online:

Yosef Getachew, Alejandra Montoya-Boyer, and Spencer Overton, “5G, Smart Cities & Communities of Color,” Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, June 2017, pp. 14-24. Available online:

Competition and Consumer Protection in a Converged Market

Michèle Finck, “Digital Regulation: Designing a Supranational Legal Framework for the Platform Economy,” European Law Review, June 20, 2017, pp. 6-26, 28-29. Available online:

Michael O'Rielly, “FCC Regulatory Free Arena,” Federal Communications Commission Blog Post, June 1, 2018. Available online:

Larry Downes, “The AT&T Ruling Shows That U.S. Regulators Don’t Understand Media’s Present — or Future,” Harvard Business Review, June 13, 2018. Available online: