Dennis Roberson - Participant

Mr. Roberson is President/CEO of Roberson and Associates, a technology and technology management consulting company. He is also a Computer Science Research Professor at Illinois Institute of Technology where he was a co-founder of IIT’s Wireless Network and Communications Research Center. His research focuses on dynamic spectrum access networks, spectrum measurement and management, and wireless interference and mitigation. He also serves on the board of several technology-based companies.

Previously he was Vice Provost for Research at Illinois Institute of Technology and before that he was Motorola’s EVP/CTO. He had an extensive corporate career including business/technology responsibilities at IBM, DEC (now part of HP), AT&T, and NCR. He has been involved with numerous technology, educational, and youth organizations, currently including Chair of the FCC-TAC, membership on CSMAC, and Chair of SonSet Solutions.

Mr. Roberson has BSEE and BS Physics degrees from Washington State University and an MSEE from Stanford.



Illinois Institute of Technology


Research Professor of Computer Science