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Sean Gourley - Participant

Sean Gourley is the Chief Technology Office and Co-Founder of Quid. He is originally from New Zealand and is now based in San Francisco where he splits his time between Mathematical research and his venture backed startup Quid. He has a PhD in physics from Oxford where he studied on a Rhodes Scholarship. His academic research has taken him from Nanotechnology to Complex Systems and the Mathematics of War. As a result of his research he has acted as a political advisor to the Iraqi Government, briefed USCENTCOM at the Pentagon, addressed the United Nations in Vienna and dodged military checkpoints in Iraq. Over the years he has spent too many hours at the running track in an attempt to hone his pole vault, hurdling and discus skills for the Decathlon. Prior to Quid he worked at NASA Ames in Mountain View, Exclusive Analysis in London, and a (very) brief stint as a consultant at BCG in Chicago. He is currently CTO of Quid. In his spare time he tires to improve his understanding of advanced string theory and contemplating a return to the simpler world of track and field.





Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

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